Produce Handling Assurance Standard (PHA)

The new GLOBALG.A.P. Produce Handling Assurance Standard (PHA) covers pre-process production steps after the point of harvest for crops including cooling, packing, re-packing, handling, and storage of produce for human consumption. The PHA may not be used to certify products significantly transformed from the original whole state or foods that are processed.

The GLOBALG.A.P. Produce Handling Assurance Standard:
• Will be available to all qualified produce packing operations meeting the scope definition in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.
• Will be available to produce handling operations worldwide meeting the scope definition that pack and handle produce in an open-shed environment.
• May be used in conjunction with the IFA Fruit and Vegetable Standard audit to reduce audit redundancy and cost, particularly in cases where a grower is packing their own produce and has previously required two separate audits.

GLOBALG.A.P. will apply for GFSI recognition for the PHA in 2018. Please contact your regional GLOBALG.A.P. technical representative for more information about this new standard or write an e-mail to Ms Rebecca Anderson

Public consultation: February/March 2018
Field trials: March/April 2018
CB training: May 2018
Market launch: June 2018
Application for GFSI recognition: summer 2018


Find all documents for download here soon.